This week is the Finale and we are going out with an awesome Juneteenth Celebration! Come out to the Red Cat Jazz Cafe tomorrow night to commemorate the occassion with us as we celebrate some of music’s greatest Pioneers!

Itz Karma at Club 288 in Houston,TX

“Itz Karma”, and it will continue to come back around for the Diva of Hip Hop blues as long as she continues the successful lane that she is creating for herself.

On Wednesday, April 10, 2013, Karma and her team set out to the infamous Club 288 to celebrate with R&B legends for the birthday bash of GI Jackson, 1/2 of the duo.
The packed room was a fire marshall’s nightmare; just perfect for Karma to seize the moment and take the spotlight. (First, let’s mention the white stretch limo that she along with one of her producers DeeSmuve, her celebrity publicist Jennifer Simpson and Shameka Grant of STG Management.) Now that everyone has their shout out, let’s proceed! 🙂 The skillful negotiations of STG management were full effect as the ever so prepared Publicist Jennifer Simpson was equipped with Karma’s music. DJ Jack Frost was took the disk and out through the speakers were the boastful hip hop zydeco blues sounds of Karma’s signature track, “Come Holla at Me”. She killed it Johnny on the spot! Catch media on and

With all this said, she is ready to be booked at major venues around the world!



New Hilarious Urban Film featuring an All Star cast!


Prefect Films presents the premiere of “White T”, a hilarious urban film featuring an all star cast!

Herbert & Henry (Jerod and Jamal Mixon) are twin brothers with dreams to become the biggest rap stars in the game. Their chance at super-stardom comes after they buy a T-shirt with a winning golden tag allowing them to perform with Real Deal, the most legendary rapper in the World. The only problem is, Kevin, an equally sized Jewish kid with dreams of singing and blinging, manages to steal the prized White T and has his own plans to perform at the concert. With the help of a gypsy, a goat, and cast of characters as big as Herbert and Henry’s appetites, White T is a feel good urban adventure reminiscent of Dude Where’s My Car, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
See Trailer here:

Karma Commemorates The 30th Anniversary Of “The Color Purple”

Commemorating the 30th anniversary of Alice Walker’s novel,”The Color Purple” actress, singer and poet Karma premieres her rendition of Quincy Jones’Miss Celie’s Blues. This is one of the most authentic covers to hit You-Tube!! She nailed it!!

From the actors in the juke joint scene, the authentic wardrobe designed by Karma herself, to the sultry jazzy vocals; this video truly captures the most memorable moments from Steven Speilberg’s period drama film.

Look out for more great music from Karma!
Find more about Itz Karma here:

Twitter @itzkarmababy
Facebook Itz Karma



A Motown Party in Shreveport!

Come See @smuveclasshits “”DeeSmuve” as Eddie Kendricks @TheDerekDoll Hosting and @mahoganimedia Kristi Woodard bringing it all together!

Live in Shreveport, LA 7:00 PM Saturday, September 29, 2012 at the C.E. Byrd High School Auditorium!

This will be a event to remember! See coverage on KTBS news 3 next week in Shreveport, LA!


Grambling State Alumni, It’s Football Season!

Grambling State Alumni, It’s football season, let’s connect! →

Greetings to all fellow Grambling Alumni!
Today is the start of our most cherished GSU Tiger football season and I know that several of us will be traveling down to support the G-Men! I love our unified passion for the Black and Gold! I also love how we support each other as an extended Tiger family. It’s always great to hear and share success stories of my G-eneration. Today, I’d like to highlight 2003 Grad DeeSmuve DeeMaestro or as his degree reads, Earl Detrick Simpson. Many may remember him as the producer at Plateau Records on the GSU campus.

During his matriculation, “Dee”played second trumpet under the direction of Dr. Larry Pannell as a member of the |World Famed Tiger Marching Band|. You can also still catch tunes from his Jazz album “Paradise” playing on 91.5 K-GRAM.

DeeSmuve DeeMaestro’s Avant-garde music will reach the masses and will reign among best work created by the art’s greatest successors. He has been dedicated to composing timeless music for over 20 years. With growth and perfection in mind, producer/musician/audio engineer enrolled in Houston Community College’s state of the art Audio Engineering and Film Making Associates Degree program where he also currently records his music.

DeeSmuve is creating his own lane in music and has the dedicated support of his publicist and wife, Jennifer Simpson, alongside an unwavering team. You can find more information about DeeSmuve DeeMaestro here:

If you are or you know an achieved Gramblinite, Email me at to request an interview.

Jennifer Simpson,Publicist
JNoS Public Relations
GSU Alumni 2002


DeeSmuve: An Innovator in Hip-Hop

Grambling, Louisiana/Houston, Texas native DeeSmuve is determined to grab the ears of the world with his infectious Hip-Hop Soul tunes. For the past 25 years the musical genius has been involved in music in some form or fashion. Heavily influenced by music legends like Miles Davis, Curtis Mayfield, Jay Z and many more, the maestro’s music is classy, mature and diverse. His singing voice is melodic and eccentric. He does his own thing with integrating his narrative story telling. Hip Hop SoulUtions was created to make listeners feel like someone cares. Giving them a song for life’s everyday occurances. He does club bangers like the others too, but not too often, besides-do people party all the time? That’s why DeeSmuve is America’s next story, his stories are our stories.

Today, he is on an aggressive campaign to reach potential fans across the country and national radio air play for the his groovy, yet uplifting new single “I’m Trying”. The track speaks for a man just trying to keep a positive attitude as he endures the obstacles of life.

You cannot deny the talent of DeeSmuve, you may suggest other content, but before you do that..take a second to understand his innovative music. He is the truth.
Producer, Engineer, Artist, Jazz Vocalist Earl DeeSmuve Simpson will not stop until he finds his pot of gold.

“The journey isn’t easy, but who respects a man who thrives on the easy way out? “I have to remain authentic, I refuse to be what they want me to be. This life chose me, I’d be crazy not to recognize and appreciate a blessing from God. With that stated, no one can tell me that I’m not greatness, The Greatest made me this way!” I will perform on big stages! -Smuve

Check out I’m Trying on the link below. Also, Follow @smuveclasshits on Twitter!

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